From Rotterdam to Silicon Valley

Bay Area: housing part iv

Exactly 6 months ago I arrived in SFO to start my job in Mountain View. These 6 months have been so crazy! Here I am in the third month of 2017 (2016 seemed like it was just yesterday) on my way to my favorite country in the world: JAPAN! So a quick update: I am... Continue Reading →

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Bay Area: housing part v & work

Like I say in every blog post. I am busy. I feel like I'm just always busy. Been busy when I was a student and working part time and now I work full time I am even busier. I'm completely dead in the evenings, I've been to the apartment complex gym TWICE. Well, I biked... Continue Reading →

Christmas of 2016

What a year. It's Christmas AGAIN! I remembered last year's Christmas, I think I went to the movies or something because we actually have nothing else to do outside. I'm home for the holidays, but still working remotely. Not that I like it, I am constantly distracted and compiling takes too long because I'm on... Continue Reading →

So busy!

Okay it's my 5th weekend here and I had zero time to blog, or to chill, or to do sports. Being healthy with three strict meals a day and not working out means that I gained a lot of weight... My skinny jeans told me that when I tried to button up. It's going well... Continue Reading →

Apartment hunt

So I need to find a place to live. Wow, what a pain in the ass. First of all, I have no idea what neighborhood is safe or not safe and I don't know if I should trust the photos of the rooms, if there are photos added to the listings (Craigslist). Lots of places... Continue Reading →

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